Hi welcome to my little notebook so far for typing on during my time in Osaka and Seoul this summer. All notes typed on the Pomera DM30 and then edited into HTML so I can include images and links. I hope you like it :)

🕳 another commercial
🌫 sleepovers, flights, spas
🌊 intimacy-gradient
📍 my japanese name
🗝 place-making ambient works
🖼 commercials
⏳ exhibition sento
🐢 preparing for green people
🌠 i want
📗 good morning green people
🌲 on creativity as transgression
🌸 on becoming a café
🍒 first pomera note
Updates ~

* Not that anyone cares or noticed, but I moved all images, videos, and sounds to my files server :)

* Retitled this notebook to simply "Pomera"

* Moved the odes to my archives. I want to present these in a new way...
Someday I'll run like the wind.
언젠가 나는 바람처럼 달릴 것이다.